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Cuttting edge prototype model printing

Here at Slice3D we use a technology called 3d printing, utilizing the latest Eden 350v 3D printer from Objet. With this 3D printing equipment we can print extremely fine detail with unbelievable accuracy and surface finish.

What you get is a really great model, which reflects on you!

3D printing is a brilliant way of getting you message across. At Slice3D we turn your CAD designs into physical reality, it enables potential investors to visualise the design aesthetics, hold and use the finished product, test the design ergonomics, all in the conceptual stages of the design process, a 3D model also enables you to test form and fit prior to production. It really is this good. An invaluable asset! If you think it we print it
We donít just serve business, if you have an idea for a model; it may be a sculpture, a jewellery design, an architectural model for a final year project or who knows the next big thing on the high street, we would love to hear from you. It is our sincere hope, that Slice3D can play a small part in many peopleís success; there is a lot of talent out there. Letís make it happen!

Below are examples of sectors which benefit from our 3D printing service.

3d Printing Model - Games Industry 3d Printing Model - Medical Research 3d Printing Model - Techonology 3d Printing Model - Manufacturing 3d Printing Model - Ceramic 3d Printing Model - Inventors 3d Printing

Game Industry Prototyping

Producing prototypes for usability studies and concept testing, with rapid results. Read more about how 3d printing works

3D Printing for the medical research

A rapid and cost effect method for modeling. Read more about how 3d printing works

Technology Prototyping

Working from CAD files, the system builds in a rapid way. Read more about how 3d printing works

Manufacturing uses of 3D Printing

3D Printing is utalised by a large number of manufacturing companies. Read more about how 3d printing works

Ceramic Industry Concepts

Popular in the industry to provide sample concept designs within a budget. Read more about how 3d printing works

Inventors / Proof of ideas

3D printing is a cost effective way to product prototypes and proof of concept. Read more about how 3d printing works